Quotes re Crow

“Dan is great!”

– Barbara Johnson, Wiseburn Library

“Thank you for sharing your stories and songs with all the children who attended our Literacy Festival.As you could tell from their response and interaction with you, they all had a great time and you helped make our festival a success.”

— Lynn DeSantis, Palm Desert Library

“Dan Crow is a great performer. He arrived early and stayed late. He interacted well with the audience. ”

– Marilyn Greenbaum, Lloyd Taber
– Marina del Rey Library

You truly captured the kids for the entire hour and gave them an experience
they will never forget.
Paramount Theatre
Cultural Affairs Council
Abilene, Texas


Crow is a genius when it comes to tickling pint-sized funny bones. . . Crow
educates and communicates with children in an exceptional way. He’s
comfortable on stage and it shows. His funny faces, sounds and delivery keep
kids rolling, and he has a sparkling rapport with his audience.
Playground Magazine


“A Friend, A Laugh, and A Walk In The Woods”
Child Magazine Top Ten Pick


Last year we raised a lost baby crow for six months. The kids named him “Dan
Your music has been a part of our school for a long time and will continue
into the future.
All Children Great and Small
Los Angeles


Your love for life reflects all over the world!! All of us are in need of
more Dan Crows.
Trier Elementary School
Trier, Germany


The whole area seemed to glow as children and adults paid attention to every
word of every song.

Los Angeles Philharmonic Association
The Hollywood Bowl


We are honored to be distinguished by your creative contribution to the
Channel and to the cable industry.
The Disney Channel


He knows what keeps kids’ attention.
Houston Chronicle


An innate sense of what kids like–more specifically what makes them
laugh–is the hallmark of singer-songwriter Dan Crow.
Billboard Magazine


Even the smallest children will enjoy this music.
Rocky Mountain News


You had the children enraptured with your humorous program.
South Pasadena Public Library


Your tremendous humor and talent continues to excite us. . .

Federal Heights School
Denver, Colorado


You do a wonderful job of providing kids with songs that they can appreciate.

KMUN Radio
Astoria, Oregon


Your obvious love for children and laughter shines through and is very
catching. You truly touched the hearts of every individual in the audience
of over 1,000 people of all ages.

Jean Walling Civic Center
East Brunswick, New Jersey


He had the children laughing, clapping and singing along from the moment he
bounded out on stage.

Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute
Utica, New York


What a great sense of timing you have, keeping the audience’s attention while
moving from one number to another. Your concerts were a great success with
the two very full audkiences. . . Several of us wondered if Red Skelton might
have been an idol for you, you reminded us of him.

Performing Arts Council
Longwood Gardens
Kennett-Square, Pennsylvania


What a fabulous show. I honestly have never seen our audience so excited.
Beverly Hills Public Library


Yambo is a funny song.
Dr. Demento


What a hit you were. I have had more calls from people whose kids are
addicted to your tapes.

University of Colorado at Denver
Storytelling Festival


You have an excellent show. Your “for the whole family: entertainment was a
wonderful addition to our Main Stage.

Vail, Colorado


Your talent truly helped to make Mayfest successful.

El Paso, Texas


You were positively delightful and the kids truly enjoyed your performance.

University Medical Center of
Southern Nevada