Academics’ Choice Award™ Winner: Concoctions


Ages: 4 – 8
Type: Audio
By KidzMusic Records


Children’s music mainstay Dan Crow is one wily musician. He takes a serious subject like science, works his patented comedic magic and presto: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (popularly known as STEM) become the high-spirited new CD Concoctions – the perfect blend of music, fun and content. The production is pure pop and rock sprinkled with techno beats

incorporating “science sounds” like whirring gadgets and crackling electricity. And, while it is great to sing along with Dan, he has included karaoke tracks for each song so kids can sing along without him – or make up their own lyrics.

Review Highlights:

My class loved listening to these fun tunes! Little did they know (until afterwards) these songs were packed with cool stuff to learn about! Both “Technology” and “Your an Engineer” seemed to be the top choice by the kids. Dan did a great job defining then explaining both concepts via lyrics. I will recommend this CD to our science teacher to open her next unit. It’d be ideal for the next science fair! Great CD!

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