Parents Choice Award winning Music by Dan CrowConcoctions Dan Crow Kids Music Album
Parent’s Choice:
Silver Honor 2016

Creative Child Magazine: 2016 KID’S CD OF THE YEARAcademics Choice Award for Childrens Music

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1. ​Science (Instrumental)
2. ​Technology
3. ​Technology (Instrumental)
4. ​You’re an Engineer
5. ​You’re an Engineer (Instrumental)
6. ​Franklin D. Dime & Abraham Penny
7. ​Franklin D. Dime & Abraham Penny (Instrumental)
8. ​Seven
9. ​Seven (Instrumental)

Sing-Along Science!

Concoctions by Dan Crow

“what was once impossible, seems ordinary…” – from “Technology”

(Palm Springs, CA – January 2016)  Children’s music mainstay Dan Crow is one wily musician.  He takes a serious subject like science, works his patented comedic magic and presto: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (popularly known as STEM) become the high-spirited new CD Concoctions.  Dan’s tenth album, coming February 19 on KidzMusic Records, is the perfect blend of music, fun and content.

Concoctions opens with sci fi effects that will draw kids in, and continues with lively pop songs that will capture their imaginations throughout.

S:  “Science Science Science” is an overview of the subject, from the vast universe to the little bubbles popping in the bath.

T:  Technology includes computers and smart phones, “but what exactly is technology” and why does it matter?  “Technology” gives us the answers to a circus beat.

E:  Always thinking of ways to improve things or invent new gadgets?  Then, “You’re an Engineer.”

M:  The CD is rounded out with two math songs:  we give the first one a “Seven,” great to dance to; on the second, children can make friends with the coins in their piggy banks, “Franklin D. Dime and Abraham Penny.”

Concoctions finds Dan at the top of his game – the production is pure pop and rock sprinkled with techno beats incorporating “science sounds” like whirring gadgets and crackling electricity.  Dan is in fine voice here and, while it is great to sing along with him, Dan has included karaoke tracks for each song so kids can sing along without him – or make up their own lyrics.

A couple of things motivated Dan to make this CD: “I heard Bill Nye The Science Guy say we need more engineers, and it got me thinking about what got kids interested in science.  Also I have a cousin, a niece, and a good friend – all young women – who are studying either science, engineering or math in college.  They are the inspiration for me doing this CD.  I think girls AND boys need to get excited about STEM early in school, and maybe these songs will help ignite that enthusiasm for fun and discovery!”

Dan released his first children’s recording four decades ago and has been a beloved family entertainer ever since.  Performing over 5,000 concerts in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia, Dan moves effortlessly between larger venues and small intimate settings including schools and libraries.  He starred in the Emmy-winning series “Just for Fun”; has been honored with three Parents’ Choice Gold Awards; was nominated for a CableAce Award for his work on the Disney Channel; has been seen regularly on Nickelodeon and The Learning Channel; performed the title song for the classic family film The Adventures of Milo and Otis; and counts Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo, for whom he has composed over 100 songs, among his buddies.

Concoctions is the first release on the new KidzMusic Records, a division of the popular review and sales site

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