Sound Songs Revisited

Alls House
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Song Sounds Revisited: LYRICS



  1. Apples And Bananas The Long Vowel Sound
  2. The Bag The Short A Sound
  3. The Ballad Of Rueben Rooster The R Sound
  4. Each A Little Bit Different
  5. Eeyores Cold Nose The Long O Sound
  6. A Frosty Fable The F Sound
  7. Harmony Island
  8. A Heffalump Hunt The Short U Sound
  9. I Love My Pillow The L Sound
  10. Jack The Giant The Soft G and J Sounds
  11. Kiss A Cow The K and Hard C Sound
  12. Make A Choice
  13. No More Gum The M Sound
  14. Oops The P Sound
  15. Oops Part 2
  16. Pooh Bakes A Cake The Long A Sound
  17. Poohs Honey Pot The Short O Sound
  18. Rain Rain Rain The R Sound
  19. Sneeze In Threes The Long E Sound
  20. A Snoozle For A Pet The Short E Sound
  21. Snow
  22. Soup Soup Soup The S Sound
  23. Taking Turns
  24. A Tiggership The Short I Sound
  25. Time To Take Time The T Sound
  26. A Tune For June The Long U Sound
  27. A Very Wide Pooh The Long I Sound
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