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Non-stop Smiles and Sing-A-Long Fun! 
From the very first song to the last, Dan Crow has your child captivated! His story songs are great fun and super for building listening and comprehension skills. As a teacher and parent, I appreciate his ability to make pictures in your mind, have fun with words, and keep the music bouncing!!! My school was fortunate enough to book him for a concert. Adults and children alike had non-stop smiles ands sang with him throughout the performance! His music is terrific to play in the car too! My two children won’t let me roll down the driveway without putting in his tape. Thanks for the fun, Dan!

Excellent phonics teaching tool. 
My son loves these songs! He is three and sings along with every single one of them. My niece has experienced significant speech improvements with his music.

You’ll be singing along! 
I first saw Dan Crow when I was 4. Twenty years later, I still enjoy his songs, and I’m singing them to my niece. These are classics that will keep you laughing and singing along throughout car trips and bathtime and even dinnertime. Apples and banooonooos to you!

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