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KIDS’ CORNER Review by By Lynne Heffley, Times Staff Writer LA Times

Dan Crow: The Giggling Dragon

With all the hot new entries in the children’s music field, it might be easy to overlook those who have been doing it well as a calling all along. Dan Crow exercises his gift for humor, exuberant word-play and sing-along tunes here to celebrate make-believe with a comic wink. Jolly “Jack the Giant” needs to watch his step; trolls need an attitude adjustment and imagination is a “special present to us all.”

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The Giggling Dragon, Dan Crow

The Peter Pan of children’s music, Dan Crow has released his latest CD, The Giggling Dragon. And, if the music industry – in its great wisdom – had a children’s music chart, this one would have entered at No. 1 with a bullet.

Thousands of children and their caregivers worldwide have enjoyed the Dan Crow experience: a man and his guitar with a million tunes and a key to what folks find very funny. And, yes, if you take a closer listen, kids are getting a vocabulary lesson in a fun engaging way.

The Giggling Dragon is a different approach for Crow. It features lush orchestrations and arrangements, and a big Nashville sound thanks to producer Dennis Scott. The songs about dragons, gnomes, pixies, trolls, giants, imagination and books are pure Dan Crow, however – clever, funny and finely constructed uplifting musical adventures that will tickle your eardrums.


Music Review from The School Library Journal

“Singer/songwriter Dan Crow offers up 11 songs celebrating imgination and fairy tales on this silly CD. The catchy “Spin, Spider, Spin” is the standout here, but kids will giggle at the antics of a dancing giant in “Jack the Giant” and the image conveyed by the title track. Librarians will appreciate “Pages,” a paean to books. Though some songs (such as “The Trouble with Trolls”) may grate on adult ears, little kids with big imaginations will be glad to follow wherever this piper leads.”

– Kathleen Kelly MacMillan, Carroll County Public Library, IL

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