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Dan Crow

Dan Crow

With Friends

Dan Crow

Here is a list of Friends from Dan’s album “Sing-A-Ling With Friends

Debi Derryberry – Debi is a very popular children’s entertainer, especially for younger audiences. She has three wonderful CDs of her music out and is always busy with her concert schedule and her acting and voice-over work (Debi is the voice of Jimmy Neutron). She is a magical live performer and I love her voice on Pop Goes the Weasel. Lucinda and I agreed this CD should start with it.

Joanie Bartels – Joanie is my long-time friend and we have shared the stage often over the years. She is the highest selling female children’s artist with over 3,000,000 units sold and over 100,000 videos sold. Joanie has toured the world wide and now lives in New Zealand where she is involved with several humanitarian causes. She is also, along with Jennifer Warnes, my favorite singer of all time.

Ian Whitcomb – Ian hit the American Top Ten charts in 1965 with his novelty record, “You Turn Me On”. He has produced a steady flow of records, books, radio shows and concerts over the years and is an internationally recognized musicologist. I met Ian through my friend, Fred Sokolow, who often accompanies him. Both of them know more about the history of popular music than anyone I have ever met. I also wanted Ian’s take on Yankee Doodle since it was originally written from the perspective of a “British Invader,” which is what he was in the 1960’s.

Tina Schwartz – Tina and her husband, Marc, have been good friends for twenty years. I first met them when they booked me for shows in Southern New Mexico. We soon discovered that they were the neighbors of my in-laws in Las Cruces. Tina is a fantastic teacher and musician. She and Marc have performed as a duo all over the southwest and I was so happy to have her on this CD.

Niall de Burca – Niall is one of Ireland’s finest traditional storytellers and my personal favorite. We met when we were both featured presenters at the Young Author’s Conferences in Germany. He and his family have become close friends. Niall has toured the world and was even invited to perform in Iran. He was a huge hit at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesboro, Tennessee last year. I wanted his Irish treatment of a railroad song, since his countrymen built much of America’s railway system.

Dave Kinnoin – Dave is one of the hardest working artists in the children’s music business. He is an exciting performer, a premier producer and brilliant songwriter. He has composed over 200 songs for Disney, Sesame Street and Children’s Television Workshop. He is also a long-time friend and makes the best chocolate chip cookies.

Chris Sanders/Steve Smith – Chris and Steve have performed as a duo for the past six years and have toured the country presenting their magnificent songs for adoring audiences. Steve is one of my two favorite mandolin players in the world and I have had the honor of having him join me on many gigs over the years. Through our friendship, I fell in love with Chris’s voice. She teaches voice at New Mexico State University and her golden singing complements Steve’s powerful tenor. We recorded three of the songs on this CD at Steve’s studio and I feel honored to have them as a part of this project.

Peter Alsop – Peter and I recorded a children’s album together in 1978 called “Silly Songs and Modern Lullabies” and I like to think we were both pioneers of this musical form. He was already a nationally famous singer-songwriter when I met him. He has nineteen audio recordings and seven DVDs that have won more awards than any five artists combined. Peter has a Ph.D in educational psychology and uses his brilliant humor and compassion to greatly improve the human condition. I feel a fraternal twinship with him.

Dennis O’Hanlon – Dennis (with his wife Bonnie who provides the heavenly harmony on this recording) is one of my very best friends. We have played music together for 30 years. Started when we were five. He is one of the greatest guitar players on the planet and has been my main arranger on practically all my recordings over the years. We played in country- rock bands together and he has toured with me extensively as my bass player. He has also been the on-call back-up for numerous performers including Katherine Dines, Justin Roberts, Dave Kinnoin and on and on. This CD would not be complete without his participation. Thank you partner!

Fred Sokolow – It is difficult to believe, but I have known Fred even longer than Dennis. He is truly a legendary musician and has produced over a hundred instructional songbooks for guitar, banjo, dobro, mandolin, lap steel and ukelele that reinforce that fact. Fred has recorded several seminal albums and has performed with a variety of artists including Bobbi Gentry, Paul Stookey, The Limelighters, Tom Paxton and, least of all, me. There is not any style of music he cannot play and that is why I have had him on all my CDs, including this one. He is a wonderful friend.

Stephen Michael Schwartz – One third of the world-renowned family entertainment group, PARACHUTE EXPRESS, Michael is multi-award winning singer-songwriter and long-time friend. His songs have been used in numerous film and TV projects, including Grumpy Old Men, thirtysomething, Amazing Stories, Revenge of the Nerds, and he wrote and performed the title song for Jay Jay the Jet Plane for PBS. He is a consumate performer and recording artist and just a great guy to hang out with.

Bonnie Phipps – There are just a few select performers for children that really seem to convey the wonder of chldhood and Bonnie is one of that group, if not the queen of it. Her live shows are works of art and musicianship. She is a former National Champion Autoharpist and is without peer as a recording artist. Bonnie has received numerous national awards and published two music books. She is also a respected educator and a dear friend. Bonnie and her Elastic Band can be seen all over the country.

Scott Kelly Galbreath – My pride doth burst forth when I write of Scott. He is a dear, loving, kind, and multi-talented man who just happens to be our nephew. My sister, Tana, did the whole family proud having this gem of a human being. Scott is a fantastic actor, both in person and as a voice performer. He has appeared in numerous TV shows, including Will and Grace, Beyond Belief, Flash Forward, and starred in the feature film, Able Edwards, for which he was reviewed as “handsomer-than-life.” Thank you, Scott, for being one of our family of pirates.

John Wood – This CD could not have happened without John. He and Denny have been my co-conspirators for many many years. John is truly my brother from another mother. He and Pam have done over 5,000 concerts and are recipients of the PASA (Professional Artists In Schools) lifetime achievement award. It was from our podcast radio show, Just Kiddin’, that the idea for this CD was hatched. He is also one of the three funniest people who ever lived.

Pam Wood – Pam Wood is one of my dearest friends and a fabulous actress and musical performer. She has spent the past few years as a studio teacher and recently toured the world as a private tutor to The Jonas Brothers. She is our cabin boy on Talk Like A Pirate Day.

Denny Bouchard – This CD is Denny’s as much as mine, so you can blame us both equally. I have coproduced with him for over twenty years on all our Rounder, Disney and Sony projects. Denny is my recording guru. You are in the presence of greatness when you are in the studio with this guy. A fantastic keyboardist and composer. He even wrote the famous “Carpeteria” jingle, which every southwesterner knows. He has toured the world with many performers including Noel Paul Stookey and Mary Rice Hopkins. This final product was only achieved through his creativity and guiding patience. Thank you my friend, for making this dream come true.

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