Dan Crow Live: Lyrics

Disk 1 Parents' Silver Choice Award


I like to eat
eat eat eat
I like to eat
Apples and Bananas
repeatI like to ate
ate ate ate
I like to ate
Aypples and banaynays
repeatI like to eat
eat eat eat
I like to eat
Eepples and baneenees


I like to ite
ite ite ite
I like to ite
Ipples and baninis
repeatI like to ote
ote ote ote
I like to ote
opples and banonos
repeatI like to ute
ute ute ute
I like to ute
upples and banus




Oops! Oops! Oops! I’m always spilling
Oops! Oops! Oops! I’m always dropping
Oops! Oops! Oops! Do I have to pick it up?
I don’t want to pick it up!
I dropped a can of pop And then I popped the top
The pop it sprayed into my face
The pop I had to drop. And I said


I had a piece of pie. A piece of pumpkin pie.
I stood up straight and tipped the plate
And then I had no pie. And I said


I had some paint to pour for Sis to paint the door
I tipped the can, it slipped my hand.
The paint fell on the floor. And I said




Dogs do dig, but dogs don’t dance
I wonder why dogs don’t wear pants?
Dogs don’t doo doo where they should
Dogs do not know bad from good
Dogs, Dogs
I want to be a dog
I’d like to be a dog
I’d love to be a dog
I think I’ll be a dog

Dogs like mud and dogs like sand
And some dogs like to lick your hand
Dogs get cold and dogs grow old
Any dogs don’t always do as told.



American gum, a hum, a hum
You find it everywhere.
American gum, a hum, a hum.
It’s matted in my hair.
There’s gum on the hammer and gum on the broom
And gum on the milkman’s shoe.
Gum on the chipmunk and gum on the monkey
And non of this gum you can chew.


There’s gum on the meat and gum on the mouse
And gum in the milk we drink.
Gum on the drum and gum on my thumb
And gum on my arm I think.


There’s probably more than a ton of fum
Sticking around in my room.
And maybe it might be there may be some gum
That man might have left on the moon.




I came home last night to eat.
I had hoped to have a treat.
I washed my hands and took my seat.
And here is what I had to eat.


I had ham. I had ham.
I had ham, again.I ate my ham, and then I hit the hay.
Then hopped out of bed the next day.
I brushed my hair and hoped to last
To hurry down to my breafast.


Perhaps in school I have a hunch.
I’ll hae hotdogs for my lunch.
Or maybe I’ll have bready with jam.
But behold it’s bread with ham!


Now ham’s okay maybe once a day.
Or how about once a week.
But to have that ham as much as I am
No hog’s that good to eat!




A large and jolly giant
who liked to joke and play
would jump around the countryside
as joyfully he’d say
“I am Jack the Giant and I am very kind
so I shall gently laugh and sing and
hope you do not mind
for though I am so very large,
you must not make a fuss,
and be it strange, I’ll never change
for I’m not dangerous”.

Well the people in the village
were very fond of Jack,
but often in his jumping ’round
he’d step upon a shack.
A cottage now and then would fall
and many times a bridge
and once he squashed a cabbage patch,
by leaping off a ridge.
Then the carriage of the mayor
was toppled to the ground
and dragons in the sky above
could feel his every bound.

Now all his friends were angry
but Jack did not know why,
so he sat out on the edge of town
and there he began to cry.
“Can it be I am so huge
That people are afraid,
or maybe it’s just the way I look
or something that I’ve said?”
Twas then a magic message
appeared before his eyes
and then a pidgeon gliding down
a princess in disguise.”

Jack you must not jump about”
he heard the stranger talk
“and do not run nor even hop,
for gentle giants walk”
So Jack returned a happy guy,
rejoicing as he go
and when he felt the urge to jump,
he’d stomp upon his toe


I’m lying in a bubble tub
Bubbling a bath
Bubbling and tickling
Bubbles make me laugh

The trouble with each bubble
Is that something lives inside
Like in every floating bubble
There lives something that’s alive

There’s a lion in that bubble
Roaring very loud
R-O-A-R-R-R pop! There goes a bubble
That lion did roar too loud

There’s a lamb in that bubble
Baa-ing very loud.
B-A-A-A-H-H pop! There goes a bubble
The lamb did baa too loud


I dove in the river and found a glove
Sing it over….
I dove in the river and found a glove
Sing it over….
I dove in the river and found a glove
Sing it over….
Over, no, I’ve sung it enough
And I never will sing it again

I dove in the river and found one more glove
Sing it over….
I dove in the river and found one more glove
Sing it over….
I dove in the river and found one more glove
Sing it over….
Over, no, I’ve sung it enough
And I never will sing it again

Bloody Finger
(Bonus Track)

Disk TWO

by Dan Crow

I love a circus, I love a circus clown
I love a big parade
The day the circus comes to town
I love the colors, they set the circus mood
I love the music and I even love the circus foodOoo I love a, yes I love a
Ooo I love a, yes I love a
Ooo I love a circus I do

I love the walkers on the highwire
And the elephants dancing on their knees
And the big cats jumping through a ring of fire
And the people flying on the high trapeze


I see a seal with a beach ball
And a pretty lady standing on a horse
And a person who pretends to be a cannonball
And the ringmaster’s very good of course


@ 1985 Wall Disney Music Company (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.


Hey I’m hot when I’ve got that happy feeling
Hey I’m hot when I have that hope to say hey hey
Hey I’m hot when my hurtin’ begins healing
Hey I’m hot as a hot hot summer day

Hey I’m hot behold I’m hot
I’m hot somehow I’m hot
I’m hot perhaps your not
If you’re not then stop
And get hot from your head on top
Get hot let your heels hop
Get hot now clap your hands a lot…get hot


Shim Sham I sure am
I’m sure ready to go
I’m sure ready to go and shout
At the Fish’s rodeo…Yahoo!
Rush down to the seashore
Rush down to the sea
Rush down to the ocean
Go and you shall see
There’s little shrimpy shoulders
The hotshot of the show
She’ll ride that bucking seahorse at the fish’s rodeo


The shellfish runs the food shop
She dishes out some pies
She sets up in the sunshine
Sellin’ shakes and fries
The finish is the fish race
Right before your eyes
The shark she is a sure shot
To capture every prize



Which witch ate a sandwich?
Which witch ate a soufflé?
Which witch lives in a ditch
Which witch is doin’ okay?

Sometimes witches live in ditches
Sometimes on a hill
Sometimes witches eat sandwiches
Til they have their fill
Sometimes witches get these itches
That they have to scratch
Sometimes throw these pitches
That are hard to catchrefrain


Kiss a cow kiss a cow kiss a cow kiss a cow kiss a cow
You could climb on an oak tree and try to kiss a monkey
But monkey’s are too quick to try and kiss
Or you could even maybe try to kiss a turkey
But turkey’s could get scared and you could miss


Take a cover so it can’t see and try to kiss a donkey
But come to close behind and it could kick
If you try a thriller kiss a caterpillar
But keep your cool cause it could make you sick.


You could try nothin’ and take a kiss of a pumpkin
But pumpkin’s are no fun to kiss at all
You could kiss a black crow but every kiss you must throw
Cause you could not come close without a call



Well the dogs in America go arf arf
The dogs in America go bow wow
But the dogs in Iran go oh oh
The dogs in Japan go wan wan
And animal sounds are not the same the whole world wide

Well the birds in America go chirp chirp
The birds in America go tweet tweet
But the birds in Iran go jik jik
The birds in Japan go chi chi pa pa
And animal sounds are not the same the whole world wide

And it’s fun to dabble in animal babble
It’s fun to hear what the animals say
It’s fun to dabble in animal babble
As the animals babble away

Well the roosters in America cock a doodle doo
The roosters in America cock a doodle doo
But the roosters in Iran go koo kii a koo
The roosters in Japan go ko ki ko
And animal sounds are not the same the whole world wide



Go sugar bug what’s that sound?
Go sugar bug dig that ground
Go sugar bug frog comes around
Go sugar bug gonna get found and gobbled down

Long ago a bug so slow
Was gobbled up by a frog
Which goes to show if you want to grow
You have to sometimes find a log


Big frog told you he’s gonnna get ya
He’s gonna get you good
So you better get goin’ where the green grass’growin’
By the big log made of wood


Hello my friends I am a baby
I am five months, six months old maybe
When you talk to me talk to me truly
Don’t babble baby talk goo goo gooley
Don’t say gaa gaa gee gee or goo goo
Please use words like hi how do you do


When I grow up when I grow up
Gotta a lot a things I wanna be when I grow up
Goin’ thru it and I’ll do it
But I wanna hurry up
Gotta a lot a things I wanna be when I grow up

Maybe I could be a great magician
It would be fun to wave a magic wand
Or maybe I could be a great musician
The band would follow me and my baton


Maybe I could learn to be a flier
And fly a plane up higher that a shout
Or maybe I could learn to fight fire
The best that ever put fire out


Mayeb I could learn to be a doctor
And listen to the beating heat
Making medicine would make me a concotor
Taking temperatures is something of an art



It’s time to reach for the air
So brush your hair and rinse your chair
And now if you dare and if you care
Then reach with both hands into the air
Well reach reach reach reach for the air
Reach real high now sit down in your chair


Will you be sleeping when the goblins come?
Late in the black of the night
Long after playing in the past day’s sun
So many hours from the lights

Last night while sleeping at halp past one
I opened my eyes in the dark
For outside my door I heard the goblins come
And I heard my old dog Sam bark

Then a tap tap tapping
Outside my door
And I bundled up in a pile
And as it slowly opened
I stared in surprise
For there stood a goblin
With a smile
“Hi I’m a goblin and I have come
to tell you that…your dog makes too much noise!”


The only submarine I like
Is the kind made out of bread
And we should replace each missle
With some mistletoe instead
And the only gun that’s any fun
Is the kind that can squirt
And the only fighting that I like
Is the kind that does not hurt


My name is Yambo
A sweet potato named Yambo
I’m not a fighter like Rambo
That’s not my style
They call me Yambo
A sweet potato named Yambo
Everybody say Yambo
And see me smile

Now the only battleship I like
Is a Milton-Bradley game
And the only bombers that I like
Are in the Hall of Fame
And the only scary things I like
Are on the movie screen
And the only bad guys that I like
Are the kind that aren’t too mean


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