Dan Crow Live: Parent’s Choice Review

There’s no substitute for being there when veteran children’s singer/songwriter Dan Crow captivates kids with his rubber-faced, comic delivery and signature brand of silly stories and zany songs. This 2-CD collection of songs is next best, though. It conveys Crow’s sense of fun and sunny warmth and gives little listeners plenty to giggle about, with songs about gum, dogs, bubbles, ham, and kissing cows.

There’s serious stuff behind the silliness, too. Crow incorporates his background as a language educator into his all songs, using alliterative and storytelling lyrics to emphasize vowel and consonant sounds, homophones and homonyms: “Shim Sham I sure am, I’m sure ready to go, I’m sure ready to go and shout, at the Fish’s rodeo…”; “There’s gum on the hammer and gum on the broom, And gum on the Milkman’s shoe…” “Which witch ate a sandwich?” Whether just for fun, or with a message in mind, Crow’s songs are an invitation to play.

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