Dan Crow Live

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Songs For Teaching!

Dan Crow Live: Songs and Comedy for Kids & Kin.
Ages: 4 – 6 yrs.
Performed By: Dan Crow
Allshouse Family Entertainment

Children’s music veteran Dan Crow, a pun-master and word-play wizard, is about as goofy as they come, yet nearly every one of his silly songs and shaggy dog stories has an educational aim. He just thinks that if kids are going to get acquainted with homophones and homonyms, vowel sounds and consonants, they might as well have a giggle doing it.

LA Parent Magazine (October) REVIEW

Parent’s Choice Review

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1. Apples and Bananas
2. Oops!
3. Dogs
4. American Gum
5. I Had Ham
6. Jack The Giant
7. The Bubble Song
8. Sing It Over
Bonus Track: Bloody Finger

1. I Love A Circus
2. Hey I’m Hot
3. The Fish’s Rodeo
4. Which Witch
5. Kiss A Cow
6. Animal Babble
7. Go Sugar Bug
8. Hello My Friends
9. When I Grow Up
10. Are You Ready?
11. When The Goblins Come
12. Yambo

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